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Please see below a selection of useful forms and documents we have collected to support you in creating your student film. Whilst we recommend you incorporate these forms into your shoot, this is not an exhaustive list and we suggest researching what would be relevant and up to date with regards to your project.


Equity Student Film Agreement for Actors If your student film is a professional production and you are engaging the services of an actor as a worker, you may choose to use the recognised Equity form. Discuss this with your lecturer before using and ensure you have employer's liability if required. Some film schools may engage their actors directly and will have this covered. Use the volunteer agreement below if you are unable to pay your actors.
Volunteer Agreement for Artists in Student Films It can be confusing for actors who participate in student films, when distinguishing between professional and amateur shoots and a student film does not necessary imply one or the other. As Universities/Colleges may often be exempt charities, actors will often offer their services pro bono. Where possible contact any drama lecturers your education institution has to put the word out about casting for your project.
Use this form if you want to stipulate that any engagement is on a voluntary basis and avoid any implied terms of employment. Please also be aware that having a voluntary arrangement means you cannot control your actors in the way an employer would control employees. Like with amateur theatre groups, even though you may have a schedule this is agreed in trust only.
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