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Rowan M. Ashe (Chief Executive/Trustee)

Rowan has a variety of experience as an independent filmmaker, having produced and directed a number of short and feature films since 2002. Rowan has previously worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the BBC and as festival director for the Falstaff International Film Festival. He also has a bachelor's with honours and master's degree from Staffordshire University. Overseeing the day to day management of the charity, he also chairs the board of trustees.

Rebecca Graffy (Head of Marketing & Engagement/Trustee)

Franzi Florack (Trustee)

Franzi studied for her BA Film at the University of Southampton between 2006 and 2009. Whilst at uni, Franzi co-founded the NSFA as well as the International Student Film Organisation (ISFO) which today still exists as a facebook network. Since graduating, Franzi became first a teacher and then a university lecturer. In 2009, she started 'Watersprite- the Cambridge Student Film Festival', which is now one of the biggest student film festivals in Europe. She completed her PhD in education in spring 2016 and now works as a freelance consultant in London and Yorkshire. Franzi is still a keen photographer and continues to organise cultural festivals and events in her current home town, Milton Keynes.

  • About the NSFA

    The National Student Film Association is a registered charity (no. 1164365) that exists to promote and widen exposure of student filmmaking.

    Founded as a charity in 2015, the idea for the NSFA started with a group of film students from five different universities who felt that the time had come for a new organisation that would connect student film societies, festivals and film makers all around the UK.

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