The National Student Film Association is currently recruiting and we are seeking passionate individuals for our trustee board. If you believe you have the vision and experience needed and would be committed to supporting the charity's objectives, please get in touch now by emailing All trustee positions advertised below are voluntary.

Trustee x 3

Charity trustees are the people who have the general control and management of a charity’s administration. In short, they are ultimately responsible for the charity. We are looking for individuals who have the skills and knowledge to help develop the charity and oversee its growth. Individuals with experience in education, the film industry or prior charity management experience are encouraged to apply. Please get in touch now for more details and an information pack.

Student Trustee x 2

Are you a currently studying at a College/University in the UK? Would you be interested in helping shape the future of the NSFA? If so, get in touch now for more details and an information pack. Please note you must be at least 18 years old to be a trustee.

  • About the NSFA

    The National Student Film Association is a registered charity (no. 1164365) that exists to promote and widen exposure of student filmmaking.

    Founded as a charity in 2015, the idea for the NSFA started with a group of film students from five different universities who felt that the time had come for a new organisation that would connect student film societies, festivals and film makers all around the UK.

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